The Wyoming Valley Pipe & Drum Band has formed to foster the musical heritage of the Greater Northeastern region of Pennsylvania. The band expresses deep appreciation for Celtic, American, and various ethnic flavors on the Great Highland Bagpipe. Our goal is to portray our uncompromising passion to enjoy life through the music we create, and to pass that passion on to our listeners. The name “WYOMING VALLEY” has been adopted to honor the region and citizenry we represent. This region is rich in history from the American Revolution through the twentieth century and beyond. This history is honored by the symbols displayed within our claddagh. The Native American war club and crossed miner’s pick symbolize two eras in time that made the area famous. The region is known throughout the nation both for its Native American founders and its place at the forefront of anthracite coal production. The phrase “The Valley with a Heart” flanks the heart and was coined by local citizens following disastrous flooding in the area caused by Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972. Visitors to the Wyoming Valley will agree that, no matter the climate, the people of the area believe that hope springs eternal.